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Move over, mainstream music! It’s the unsigned artists who are truly rocking our worlds. From captivating crooners to edgy indie rockers, these talented creatives are the unsung heroes of the music industry. Don’t let their lack of label fool you – these artists are the real deal, bringing their raw passion and unfiltered authenticity to every beat and melody. So next time you hit play on your favorite tune, remember to thank the unsigned artists for keeping the rhythm going strong.

This Weeks Top 3

We’ve braved the depths of the internet, pulled some strings, and even begged for fresh beats to add to New Music Monday. And oh boy, do we have a killer selection for you! Week after week, we hustle to discover new and exciting artists, because you deserve nothing but the best. Our goal is to introduce you to the coolest musicians out there and keep them inspired to create more mind-blowing tracks. Without further ado, here are three of our top picks, handpicked just for you. Thanks for having our backs, and get ready to rock out to this week’s freshest tunes and don’t forget to support our artists pop over and say hello to them on social media.

Artists We Played On New Music Monday This Week.

Pssst! Don’t tell anyone, but we’re about to drop some seriously good tracks on New Music Monday. We couldn’t possibly fit every artist we play on this page and it changes every week so tune in and catch those fresh beats. Our revamped segment even includes the on-air presenter personally tagging the hottest musicians. Join the cool kids club and don’t miss out!


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