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todayJune 24, 2024 2

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It’s been seven days since Oswaldtwistle teenager Jay Slater Disappeared, We take a look back at the timeline of events and developments.

**Full Timeline of Jay Slater’s Disappearance:**
– **June 16:** Jay attends the New Rave Generation (NRG) music festival at the Papagayo nightclub in Playa de las Americas with friends.
– **June 17:**
– Jay leaves the party and gets into a car with two men he met that night.
– At 7:30 am, he posts a picture on Snapchat from the doorway of a property in Parque Rural de Teno.
– His last confirmed sighting shows him wearing a grey T-shirt with a green stripe.
– At 8:15 am, he calls his friend Lucy Mae Law, saying he missed his bus and is “in the middle of mountains” with no water. His phone then cuts out.
– **June 18:**
– Police in Tenerife are alerted, and Jay’s friends begin searching the mountainous area where his phone last pinged.
– Still no trace of him.
– **June 23:**
– Seven days have passed since Jay vanished after the NRG festival.
– Emergency workers continue searching the rugged terrain of the Rural de Teno national park.
– Fears grow as no major breakthroughs occur in the case.

The latest statement(at the time of writing) released on the official Facebook Jay Slater Missing page by site admin Rach Harg said news outlets were spreading false information.

“So the information that as been shared on the news saying it’s been switched to another location is false information !!! It is still the mountains we need to still focus on the Teno rural parque up in the mountains please !!!”

However this left some confused Hannah Jealou said “I’m confused because hasn’t it been posted by news reporters?” Molly Cunliffe responded saying “news reporters aren’t always giving correct information” another Facebook user hit back saying “news reporters are far more accurate than the made-up nonsense that people are stating here as fact. Get a grip.” 

With new developments emerging around the GoFundMe campaign with some people becoming increasingly concerned about the intentions of the donated cash which currently has surpassed it’s target having reached £32,371 many in another unofficial Facebook group believe the cash was intended to pay a ransom, while others suggested it was to pay drug debts neither of which have been substantiated. It also emerged a petition has been setup asking GoFundMe to suspend any further donations which currently has 1,125 signatures.

As the search continues for Jay  a television investigator recently announced that he has volunteered to travel to the island to investigate whether a third party played a role in the disappearance of teenager Jay Slater.

TV Investigator’s Offer: Mark Williams-Thomas, a TV investigator and former police officer, has offered to assist in the search for Jay Slater, a 19-year-old who went missing in Tenerife.

Search Efforts: Emergency services are searching a 30-kilometre area in the Rural de Teno park, which includes challenging terrain.

Crucial Leads: Williams-Thomas aims to determine if a third party was involved and to track down two British men Jay stayed with before his disappearance.

Family’s Role: He emphasized the need for the family’s full cooperation and the importance of speaking to all witnesses to provide answers quickly.

We will bring Further updates as we have them.

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