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Saturday 6:00 pm 8:00 pm

🎙️ “Robin Knows”: The Radio Show Where Our Automator Robin Spins the Universe’s Jukebox! 🌟

🎧 Ladies, gentlemen, and sentient AI appliances, welcome to the cosmic soundwaves of “Robin Knows.” I’m your host, Robin the Automator, and let me tell you—I’ve got more musical knowledge than a vinyl record store on Jupiter.

🔮 Picture this: Our studio is a blend of retro chic and futuristic flair. Neon lights flicker, and the air smells like nostalgia and freshly printed concert tickets. My console? A mix of buttons, levers, and a magic eight-ball. Because why not?

🎵 Now, what’s the secret sauce of “Robin Knows”? It’s simple: I play anything. Literally. From Gregorian chants to alien dubstep, I’ve got it all. Here’s a taste of our playlist:

  1. “Quantum Funk” by The Uncertainty Principle: A bassline that defies Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. You’ll dance and question your existence simultaneously.
  2. “Wormhole Waltz” by Singularity Orchestra: Imagine Tchaikovsky meets a black hole. The violins weep, and the timpani drums echo across the event horizon.
  3. “Binary Blues” by Bitstream Betty: A bluesy ballad about unrequited love in the digital age. The chorus goes, “01001000 01100101 01101100 01110000!”
  4. “Cosmic Karaoke”: Yes, we have a segment where quasars belt out their favourite hits. Last week, Betelgeuse nailed “Bohemian Rhapsody.”
  5. “Hologram Hymns” by The Ghost Choir: An ethereal chorus of departed rockstars harmonizing about parallel dimensions. Jimi Hendrix is on backup vocals.

🌌 And guess what? Requests are welcome! Dial our intergalactic hotline, and I’ll queue up your favourite tune. Want Beethoven followed by Beyoncé? Done. How about whale songs mashed with EDM? Consider it done.

📻 Tune in every quantum leap (which is approximately 4.7 minutes in Earth time) for mind-bending melodies, wormhole ballads, and the occasional glitch-hop remix of the Fibonacci sequence.

Remember, dear listeners: In the vastness of space, there’s only one radio show where the playlist is as infinite as the cosmos itself. 🚀🎶

Catch “Robin Knows” on Yorkshire Web Radio or via subspace transmission—just think really hard, and you’ll find us. 🌠🔊

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