YWR Promotions Was Created To Handle The Promotional Services Of Yorkshire Web Radio Hence YWR, Banners Are Handled On This Site While YWR Handles Payment Processing, All Invoices  Will Be From YWR Promotions.

Banners are not displayed to logged in clients(advertisers) this is so ads are easy to edit, without them displaying each time you make a change.

Did you renew your ads? ads are not auto renewed you will receive an email  7 days prior to their expiry date.

You have breached our TOS.

If This Is Your First Ad It Needs To Be Checked And Approved, Your Ad Should Be Approved Within 2 Hours If Your Order Remains In Processing Please Open A Ticket.

Yes, However There Is An Extra Charge As This Is Considered A New Slot, But Give Us A Shout And We’ll Negotiate With You.

You Did Indeed! But This Does Not Work For Every Client.

As You’d Expect, Goods Or Services Are Exchanged In Lieu Of Cash Transactions.

Either You Or Us Can Request To Barter, To Initiate A Barter Simply Contact Us With Details And We’ll Get In Touch.

If We Would Like To Barter With You We Will First Contact You To Discuss This  Then If An Agreement Is Reached Send You A Bartering Invoice To Accept.

Not Only Do You Get To Save Money, But As We Will Often Use Your Goods/Services As Competition Prizes, You Will Of Course Get The Added Benefit Of On Air Shout Outs & The Chance To Show Case Your Goods Or Services To A New Client Or Customer.

As Well As Banner And Video Ads, We Also Offer Audio Ads & Show Sponsorship, Hosting Services & Small Business Promotions.

Visit https://ywpromo.uk For More Information.

As With Most Digital Services We Don’t Automatically Issue Refunds, We May However Consider A Refund With Each Case Decided Individually.

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